Aspire 2 Group Limited, Newzealand.

Launching or extending a career starts with positive, engaging study. Whatever path you are taking, that’s just what you will get with our dedicated and talented teachers and welcoming campuses.

Our English courses , certificates and diplomas are based on up-to-date techniques and knowledge, and are in line with industry standards. We work with the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) and industry leaders to keep our curriculum fresh and relevant, so you have the best chance of succeeding in your career.

Whether you are studying a long way from home or in your home city, sometimes you might need someone to talk to. When you feel relaxed and enjoy your learning experience, that’s a large part of your success, so we have counsellors to help you sort out any problems – in your first language.

All our programmes have a practical focus. Everything you learn will give you the skills to work in your chosen career. We work closely with academic, community and industry partners to ensure that what we are teaching is what they are looking for in an employee. Throughout your study, you will gain insights into real industries through presentations from our industry partners.

Life at Aspire2 International isn’t all hard work – learning a new language, new concepts or new ideas can be tiring. It’s good to balance that work with plenty of fun, and that’s why we organise activities to encourage you to mingle with other students and, if you’re coming from overseas, to experience Kiwi life.